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Order of the Icons

an elite icon community

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The mods of hp_icons bring you....
an elite icon community.

1) You must apply to become a member of the community, and only then will you be able to post. The application process is explained in detail below.
2) You must use an lj-cut if you have more than three icons. You may leave three icons out of the cut as ‘teasers’, but you need to cut the rest. If you do not know what an lj-cut is, learn here.
3) All posts must include at least three icons (excluding official moderator’s announcements).
4) We do not allow icons to be posted that are bases that you have slapped text onto. Make sure every icon you post is your own work!
5) Only Harry Potter icons may be posted!
6) We will not condone actor bashing or extreme anti-anything icons or posts. We will not be a host to an inter-fandom war.
7) Only icons that are made by you may be posted. Do not collect other user’s icons and post them, if you do so, you will be banned.

Applications for posting access are currently closed.


Can I just give you a link to my icon journal as my application?
No. You must apply with six sample icons, but if you wish to include a link to your public icon journal as well as the icons, then that’s fine. No friends only journals unless you have friended all three mods so we can see the icons.

Can I post icons made with Fan Art (drawings, sketches, paintings, etc)?
We do allow fan art icons, but only if the artist has given you permission. If you post fan art icons, you must include a link to where the artist specifies that you can use the art. If the art is your own, that is, of course, acceptable to post.

I was accepted at _____, so why won’t you accept me?!
We are our own community, and so just because you have been accepted elsewhere does not in any way mean that you will be accepted here.

What’s the difference between bases and textless icons?
A base is simply an image you have cropped and added a simple border to. A textless icon requires time and skill, the icon must be brushed, brightened, filtered, etc, etc.

My icons suck... can I still look at the pretty icons?
Of course. Simply friend the community, and you will be able to see all the icons posted, but you will not have posting access unless you make an application and it is accepted.

Who do I credit?
Credit to the user who has posted the icons, unless they have specified otherwise. Comment on their post telling them which icons you are taking.

How do I credit?
Go to this tutorial, and follow steps 7 and 8.

How do I upload the icon(s)?
Go to this tutorial and follow the steps.



If you need to contact the mods, do so here.